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Dress Rehearsal and Recital PERFORMANCE DETAILS:


Tights are pink. Classes that are wearing black or tan tights are older jazz or tap classes and have been told about this and will receive an email reminder. Miss Becca will have tights for sale, $15 each at the studio. Check, Cash and venmo are accepted. All students should buy tights from Just Dance so everyone has the same color.


Pink ballet shoes with strings tucked inside (not tied in a bow) for girl’s ballet class, Black ballet shoes for boys, slip on tan jazz shoes for jazz, and black tap shoes with buckles or elastic (no bows) are required for combo classes up to ages 7&8. Students in 8&9 tap and older all wear lace up tap shoes. Your child’s name should be written inside their shoes. 


The recital costumes should be hung in a safe place until the recital weekend. Your child’s name should be written inside the costume. Please reserve playing, eating or drinking in the costume until after the performances.


All dancers should wear blush, purple eyeshadow, black eyeliner, mascara and Revlon 740 “Certainly Red” lipstick for the dress rehearsal and recital. Makeup is used as part of their costume so their face can be seen through the bright stage lights. If any student is not allowed to wear makeup, please remind us when you drop them off at the dressing room. Makeup can be purchased at CVS, Target, Walmart, etc.


All girls should have their hair in a slick hair sprayed/gelled secure bun at the crown of their head. Boys should have their hair pulled out of their face.

Dress Rehearsal and Recital

Students should arrive dressed in costume, tights and dance shoes with hair and makeup finished for dress rehearsal just like the recital show day. Please drop your child at the dressing room exactly 30 minutes before your show time. The 1pm recital group on 6/16 will have the 3pm dress rehearsal on 6/14. The 3pm recital group on 6/16 will have the 5pm dress rehearsal on 6/14. The 5pm recital group on 6/16 will have the 7pm dress rehearsal on 6/14. Everyone is allowed to watch the dress rehearsal. Some people bring their friends, family and neighbors to the dress rehearsal. We try to run it as if it’s the show with as little stopping as possible. But, it is still a rehearsal and we might stop if we need to for spacing or music, etc. You are welcome to record videos or take pictures during the dress rehearsals. Please no video or photography at the recital. We have professional video and photography for the recital. Every family will receive a digital video copy of the recital free of charge. Please sit back and enjoy the show!

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