• August 1st: 1st tuition payment (For September classes)
  • September 1st: 2nd tuition payment (For October classes)
  • September 5th: First Day of Regular Dance Classes
  • October 1st: 3rd tuition payment (For November classes)
  • October 24th-30th: Wear a Costume week!
  • October 31st: Studio closed (Halloween)

  • November 1st: 4th tuition payment (For December classes)
  • November 20th-26th: Studio closed (Thanksgiving Break)
  • December 1st: 5th tuition payment (For January classes)
  • December 15th: Costume Deposit due
  • December 18th – January 1st: Studio Closed (Winter Break)

  • January 1st: 6th tuition payment (For February classes)
  • February 1st: 7th tuition payment (For March classes)
  • March 1st: 8th tuition payment (For April classes)
  • March 15th: Costume Balance Due
  • March 24th – 31st: Studio closed (Spring Break)
  • April 1st: 9th tuition payment (For May classes)
  • May 1st: 10th tuition payment (For June classes)
  • May 24th-27th: Studio closed (Memorial Day Weekend)

  • June 13th: Last Day of Dance Class
  • June 14th: Dress Rehearsal
  • June 16th: Recital