Just Dance offers a wide variety of dance classes including classical ballet, Broadway jazz, and Broadway tap. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, there’s a class that’s perfect for you.

Yes, Just Dance provides both in-person classes and Zoom options, making it accessible to a wider range of students. You can choose the learning method that suits you best.

Students highly regard Just Dance for its welcoming environment, constructive criticism, fun dances, and endless support from teachers. It’s described as a second home for dancers, indicating a sense of belonging and community within the studio.

Our students gain dance skills, fitness, artistry, confidence, and lasting friendships. You’ll find a supportive community where you can express yourself creatively, set and achieve goals, and grow as a dancer in a joyful environment. Many students stay with us for years!

You can join Just Dance by visiting our website and enroll yourself for free. From there, you can explore the classes, teachers, and programs offered, and select the ones that fit your age, skills, and interests.

Yes, Just Dance offers classes for children of different age groups from 3-13. The child-friendly programs are designed to nurture creativity, coordination, and love for dance.

Yes! We provide opportunities to perform in seasonal recitals and community events. Performing allows dancers to showcase their skills on stage, build confidence, and make memories. Participation is optional but highly encouraged as a fun culmination of your hard work and progress.

Just Dance provides flexibility for missed classes. You can contact the studio to reschedule or join a different session, depending on availability.

Just Dance’s experienced teachers can assist you in choosing the perfect class based on your interests, skill level, and goals. You can also explore class descriptions on the website.

Just Dance often offers trial classes for newcomers. You can inquire about the availability of trial sessions to experience the studio’s unique teaching approach.