Safety Measures

Safety measures new this year! 

The studio will be cleaned daily with extra precaution toward commonly touched surfaces. Barres, doorknobs, faucets, etc. will be wiped down in between classes.

A screen has been installed for the back door to keep air flowing when at all possible. MERV 13 air purification filters have been installed and the fan will be constantly running to keep air flow moving.

Masks or face shields are required for teachers and students.

Teachers will refrain from touching students whenever possible and students will be asked to stay apart and not touch each other.  

Only students dancing will be allowed in the studio.

Parents MUST take their child’s temperature 30 minutes before dance class. If a fever of 100.4 or above presents, please join us on zoom that day and do not come to class.

Parents should drop off at the front door and pick up at the front door after class. The fewer bodies in the studio at one time the better.

We will do our very best at all times, but as everyone understands, we cannot provide a completely sterile environment with zero risk. Please consider carefully your comfort level with having your child dance with us in person. We are also offering a very reasonably priced Zoom option.