Classroom Attire

  • Attire for class is a black leotard and pink tights for girls and a white fitted T-shirt and black stretch pants for boys
  • Please wear hair pulled away from face and into a bun
  • Shoes for ballet class are pink ballet slippers with strings tucked inside for girls and black ballet shoes for boys
  • Black tap shoes with velcro straps or buckles can be worn for tap
  • Black jazz shoes or ballet slippers can be worn for jazz

Dance supplies can be ordered from (1-800-328-7107)

Supplies can also be purchased at Robcyns in the Bradlee Shopping Center at 3660 King Street or Footlights 6448 Landsdowne Centre Dr, Alexandria, VA 22315

Tights are available at the studio for $12

Bun Demonstration by Avery