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Monthly Tuition Rates

1⁄2 hour class - $45 per month
1 hour classes - $80 per month
1 1⁄2 hour classes - $95 per month

*Save $10 with each additional class*

*Family discounts available*

First Tuition Payment Is Due August 1st

Our tuition structure is ten payments (August – May) for ten months of dance (September – June).
Payments are due on the first of the month.
Tuition is paid one month early from August thru May for the dance year September thru June .
The first payment in August applies to September classes and the final payment in May applies to June classes.

Payment Tuition Due For Classes In
No. 1 August 1st September
No. 2 September 1st October
No. 3 October 1st November
No. 4 November 1st December
No. 5 December 1st January
No. 6 January 1st February
No. 7 February 1st March
No. 8 March 1st April
No. 9 April 1st May
No. 10 May 1st June

Please make checks payable to Just Dance and mail to:
Just Dance P.O. Box 26084 Alexandria, VA 22313

Click here to download a personal tuition record keeper