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Classes are now open to everyone. Please register early - our classes fill up very quickly

2014-15 Class Schedule


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday

4:30pm 7&8 Ballet/Tap

10am 3&4 Ballet/Tap

4pm 7&8 Jazz

1pm 4&5 Ballet/Tap 10am 4&5 Ballet/Tap
6pm Cecchetti II

4:30pm 7&8 Ballet/Tap

5pm 5&6 Ballet/Tap 2pm 3&4 Ballet/Tap 11am 6&7 Ballet/Tap
7:30pm Beginning Pointe 5pm 5&6 Ballet/Tap @West Potomac 6pm Cecchetti I 3pm 4&5 Ballet/Tap 12:30pm Cecchetti III
8pm Cecchetti Grade IV 6pm 9&10 Ballet 7:30pm Adv. Ballet 4pm 5&6 Ballet/Tap 2pm Advanced Pointe
  7pm 8&9 Tap   5pm 6&7 Ballet/Tap 3pm Cecchetti Grade V
  8pm 11&12 Ballet  

5pm 10-12 Jazz
@West Potomac


6pm 10&11 Tap
@West Potomac


6:30pm 8&9 Ballet

      7pm Advanced Jazz
@West Potomac (1.5 hour class
      7:30pm 8&9 Jazz  
      8:30pm 11&12 Tap
@West Potomac

If Your Child Misses a Class

Classes can be made up at any time that is convenient for your family between September and our June recital.